When Do You Need A Private Medical Clinic?

Most residents of British Columbia have access to publicly funded healthcare known as the Medical Services Plan or MSP. This healthcare system entitles them access to doctors to help them deal with a number of health concerns and to treatment for those health issues. But not everyone that is living in or staying within the borders of British Columbia has MSP coverage. What can those individuals do when they need healthcare? That is where speaking to a private doctor at Walk In’s virtual care clinic comes in. We offer private walk in clinic appointments for a fee for people who do not have an active MSP card.

There are two main reasons why a person who does not have active MSP coverage may be looking for a private medical clinic near them. The first would be if they are currently staying in British Columbia but are not an official resident of the province. This could be people who are from another province in Canada or who are visiting from another country. Either way, we offer private doctor consultations on our virtual care platform to make sure that all of their healthcare needs are taken care of. The second reason someone living in British Columbia might be looking for a private clinic near them would be if their MSP card is invalid. It is the responsibility of BC residents to renew their health card every five years to make sure that they remain valid. If your card has expired it will no longer work. Other reasons that your card could be invalid include it being lost or damaged, you have joined the Canadian Armed Forces and are opted out of MSP, or you are living outside of BC for more than six months of the year causing your MSP to become ineligible.

Even if your health card is not valid you may still need to be able to get medical treatment if necessary. Booking a consultation with one of our private doctors here at Walk In is the best way to make that happen. We offer quick and easy online access to anyone residing in British Columbia.

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What Medical Services Can Our Private Clinic Provide?

Walk In aims to provide timely healthcare access for anyone currently staying in British Columbia, whether they have active MSP coverage or not. All of our services are available when you book a private doctor consultation or book through your MSP. These include:

We connect you with doctors via phone or video call. They can discuss your concern with you to help find appropriate, evidence-based care plans. We feel better when you feel better.

*Note that any prescriptions or requisitions ordered by one of our online private doctor consultations will have its own additional fees associated for individuals who do not have MSP.

FAQs About Walk In’s Virtual Care Platform

Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here.

When should I consider using Walk In?

Walk In is best suited for non-urgent and common illnesses. These can include many things such as:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Rashes and insect bites
  • Seasonal allergies and minor allergic reactions
  • Minor infections
  • General questions regarding your health
  • Refills for stable medications

For a more comprehensive list, refer to our Treatable Conditions section found here. It is important to note that not all issues can be addressed virtually. If necessary, our providers may direct you for an in-person assessment.

How do I use Walk In’s Virtual Care Platform?

Walk In’s online booking process for a virtual doctor’s appointment is straightforward. After clicking “Book Now”, you can select your appointment type. After registering your information, you can select a time and modality which works for you. Visits with our online care providers can take place via phone or video call. You can connect with our doctors to receive care like you would at any other doctor’s office.

Can I Speak With A Doctor Even If I don’t Have Valid Healthcare Coverage?

Yes. We offer private doctor consultations for $85/visit for people who do not have a valid MSP card and are looking for private healthcare. You must be physically located in British Columbia however.

What Kind Of Issues Can A Private Walk In Clinic Address?

We offer the same services to people looking for a private online healthcare clinic as we do to people with valid BC healthcare coverage including access to doctors that can provide prescriptions, requisition forms, and more. 

Can I Book A Private Doctor Appointment Even If I Have MSP?

The BC government has very strict rules about how physicians see patients and process billing. If you have a valid MSP your appointment will be booked and billed through that system. In certain cases, you may have to book a private visit despite having active MSP coverage, such as if you are seeking advice relating to travel.

Do You Offer Any Medical Services That Are Not Covered By MSP?

Doctor’s notes are not covered by your BC MSP card and will be billed directly to the individual. Forms are also not covered under MSP.

How do I apply for British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP)?

You can apply for MSP enrolment online. It is accessible via the Government of B.C.’s website. All B.C. residents must enrol in the Medical Services Plan.

See What Patients Have To Say About Us

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So happy to have been able to speak with a doctor. It has been difficult to get an appointment anywhere. This was quick & easy!

Awesome experience! Love being able to connect with a doctor online. As a deaf person, the text/chat feature is fantastic. Thanks for a great experience!

Wonderful! Experienced doctor who listened and acted. I wish she was my family doctor.

I am so grateful for Walk In! I have a cold and I couldn’t find a clinic that wasn’t booked up for the next two weeks and didn’t feel I needed to go to urgent care. I could get an appointment with Walk In the next morning and was able to get reassurance and guidance from the doc! Any virus is freaky these days and I appreciate Walk In making it possible to be seen by a doctor.

The doctor called me early which is very appreciated. She was easy to talk to and was very reassuring and helpful. Thank you so much!

Getting an appointment was so easy, I’ve been looking for an option for a while. I’m so happy I’ve found you.

Thanks for having an available appointment for tomorrow! The accessibility of this clinic/service is precisely what is needed in our healthcare system!

The website is extremely easy to follow and use. Such a breath of fresh air. So many sites nowadays are impossible to navigate. Thank you for putting time and effort into your site!

Thank you, that was easy to do even with a fever and feeling really lousy!

Wow! What a great experience video chatting with the doctor. She was kind and patient with me as I explained my concerns. I will be picking up a prescription this afternoon. She also advised me on what to look for if the infection got worse and when to go to see a doctor in person. What a great service you offer and a gap you fill for patients. Thank you ❤️