Our Mission

Walk In provides access to timely and thorough medical care through tools tailored to your needs in mind.

Our promise is to provide access to quality healthcare at your fingertips. Walk In connects you with efficient, yet thorough care through our network of online doctors. They strive to provide compassionate, current, and evidence-based care in order to get you feeling better.

Our Values

Patient first

Patient-centred care is at the core of Walk In’s values. Being physician-owned and operated provides Walk In with thoughtful insight into a patient’s needs. We wholeheartedly believe in efficient and thorough care.


We understand that being unwell can be scary and stressful. We’re here for you. Walk In takes pride in working with physicians who provide compassionate care and listen to your concerns.


Finding a doctor is tough. When you do find one, they’re often booked up. We believe in equitable, fair, and timely access to healthcare for all individuals.


We take pride in our values of equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Walk In’s team comes from a diverse background and has looked after individuals from all walks of life. We implemented a multilingual team and platform in order to provide better access to care.

Our Story

Walk In was founded by Dr. Andy Minhas, a full-service family physician who also works in Hospital and Addiction Medicine. He was inspired to create Walk In after witnessing the struggles his patients faced in accessing healthcare. He would often come to work and see a packed waiting area or hear of patients missing work to come to see him. More often, he would hear of them not being able to access routine care due to them simply not having a doctor.

Walk In was founded in order to bridge this gap. He created Walk In in order to provide timely care for routine issues which British Columbians face on a day-to-day basis. Walk In aims to modernize the traditional walk-in clinic experience by providing easy to access virtual care for all patients. Walk in was made for British Columbians, by British Columbians.