Doctor’s Notes Available Online

Coughing at work? Let’s get you rested. Sometimes a little time off is needed in order to help you heal and also to prevent those around you from getting sick.

Walk In’s team of doctors can provide online doctor’s notes in British Columbia if necessary. Online doctor’s notes are not an insured service under MSP. They are available for $35/note on Walk In. Our doctors can provide online doctor’s notes in Vancouver as well as throughout British Columbia if medically indicated.

Please note: We cannot provide extended absences or provide paperwork for disabilities.

Online Doctor’s Notes for Therapists

An online doctor’s note can also help get you access to various allied health treatments. This can include services such as counseling, kinesiology, physiotherapy, or registered massage therapy.

Please note: Walk In’s services are not meant for ICBC or WCB related cases. Please see your regular care provider for follow-up with regards to such requests.

Getting an Online Doctor’s Note in British Columbia

Here are a few commonly asked questions about doctor’s notes or sick notes.

Where can I get an online doctor’s note?

You can get a doctor’s note from any physician who spoke with you regarding your illness. However, it is up to their discretion as to whether a doctor’s note is warranted. Speak with one of Walk In’s team of physicians today if you feel like you need a doctor’s note.

Why do I need an online doctor’s note or sick note?

Sick notes or doctor’s notes are sometimes required by an individual’s school or workplace to verify that they were sick. If you are sick, your absence may be excused on your record. In other cases, you may need a doctor’s note to get credit for the absence as a day of sick leave. Some companies may limit the number of sick days you can take as a component of your medical leave.

What are the requirements for an online doctor’s note?

You should ask your workplace’s human resource department to be sure, but typically a doctor’s note consists of a signed piece of paper that says you were sick, had a doctor’s appointment, or were treated for an illness on a given day. In order to protect your privacy, it does not have to specify the reason or exact medical condition. If multiple days off from work or school are required, the doctor or medical professional may indicate that on your sick note.

Is there a charge for an online doctor’s note?

Yes there is a charge for a doctor’s note. Doctor’s notes are not an insured benefit under MSP. For up to date pricing, please refer to our pricing page for more information.

Why choose Walk In for a doctor’s note?

Walk In makes it easy to get the care you need. Skip the waiting room. Our team of licensed physicians can listen to your concern and get you the care you need. This can include doctor’s notes so that you may rest and not get others sick. Returning to work is another matter which you can talk to our virtual doctors about. Our doctors cannot, however, provide prolonged absence notes or back date them from a significantly past period.

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So happy to have been able to speak with a doctor. It has been difficult to get an appointment anywhere. This was quick & easy!

Awesome experience! Love being able to connect with a doctor online. As a deaf person, the text/chat feature is fantastic. Thanks for a great experience!

Wonderful! Experienced doctor who listened and acted. I wish she was my family doctor.

I am so grateful for Walk In! I have a cold and I couldn’t find a clinic that wasn’t booked up for the next two weeks and didn’t feel I needed to go to urgent care. I could get an appointment with Walk In the next morning and was able to get reassurance and guidance from the doc! Any virus is freaky these days and I appreciate Walk In making it possible to be seen by a doctor.

The doctor called me early which is very appreciated. She was easy to talk to and was very reassuring and helpful. Thank you so much!

Getting an appointment was so easy, I’ve been looking for an option for a while. I’m so happy I’ve found you.

Thanks for having an available appointment for tomorrow! The accessibility of this clinic/service is precisely what is needed in our healthcare system!

The website is extremely easy to follow and use. Such a breath of fresh air. So many sites nowadays are impossible to navigate. Thank you for putting time and effort into your site!

Thank you, that was easy to do even with a fever and feeling really lousy!

Wow! What a great experience video chatting with the doctor. She was kind and patient with me as I explained my concerns. I will be picking up a prescription this afternoon. She also advised me on what to look for if the infection got worse and when to go to see a doctor in person. What a great service you offer and a gap you fill for patients. Thank you ❤️