Online prescriptions from online doctors

Walk In’s team of doctors can assess and treat many minor or non-urgent issues online. Sometimes, this involves using a prescription medication in order to stay healthy or get better.

Our doctors will take a history, virtually examine you, and decide if and if a medication is necessary. Prescribing is always up to the discretion and medical judgment of the treating physician.

Pick up your prescription or have it delivered

No more running around the town or long waits at the pharmacy. After consultation with one of Walk In’s virtual care clinic doctors, they can send your prescription to your local pharmacy or have the pharmacy deliver it for free to your home – you decide. This is healthcare on your terms.

When going to the pharmacy, remember to bring your government-issued ID and care card so that the pharmacist can release your medication to you. If you have any questions regarding your medication, please discuss them with your doctor or pharmacist.

Awkward conversations? Not with us

Walk In understands that you might have concerns that might feel awkward addressing with someone in person. That is why our doctors take pride in delivering non-judgmental and patient-centred care. We encourage open and honest dialogue so that we can help you to feel better.

Our doctors have experience prescribing for common conditions such as acne, hair loss, or erectile dysfunction. Book a visit with one of our doctors today to learn more.


If medically indicated, our team of virtual doctors can prescribe a range of medications online. The medications can be faxed to a local pharmacy or delivered by a pharmacy to your door, at no added cost.

Please note: Walk In is not a pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor are we an online pharmacy.

Getting a prescription online doesn’t have to be so hard.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about online prescriptions.

Can I use Walk In to get a prescription?

Yes, you can use Walk In to connect with a Canadian licensed physician to obtain a prescription. Prescribing is up to the discretion and medical judgment of the doctor however. Our team of physicians can send the prescription to your local pharmacy of have the pharmacy deliver it to you for free. After consultation with the doctor, they decide whether or not a prescription is indicated for your condition. Prescriptions can be faxed directly to a pharmacy of your choice or a pharmacy can deliver it to your door-step for free.

What kind of prescriptions can I get online?

Many doctors feel comfortable prescribing routine prescriptions online (such as prescriptions for non-severe conditions such as acne or seasonal allergies). If you need refills for a previously filled medication (such as birth control or thyroid medication), doctors may provide you with refills which can be sent to a local pharmacy. For some chronic or severe conditions, you may need to get your prescription with a regular healthcare provider, such as a family doctor or a specialist. Our doctors cannot fill any controlled prescriptions such as narcotics, benzodiazepines, sedatives, or stimulants.

Can I take my prescription to an in-person pharmacy?

Absolutely, you can always take a prescription which you received online to an in-person pharmacy. Our doctor’s can also directly fax it to a pharmacy of your choice. When booking, simply select the pharmacy that you usually go to or one that is nearest to you.

How do I find an online pharmacy?

In Canada, pharmacies (including those online) are regulated by the pharmacy regulatory authority in the province or territory in which they are located. You can verify if an online pharmacy is legitimate by looking up the pharmacy through the website of the provincial pharmacists regulatory authority to confirm that they are licensed. Never fill a prescription with a suspicious looking or unverified website online.

Are my prescriptions covered?

Prescriptions are not covered under MSP. They may be covered if you have Extended Health Benefits. Some prescriptions can be covered under the Fair PharmaCare plan once your deductible is met. Other prescriptions are covered under a program called Special Authority. Make sure to ask your pharmacist or physician about this plan. You can apply for it here.