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Today, it’s as easy as a couple clicks of the mouse to access an online doctor in BC and obtain a doctor’s note. Telemedicine is revolutionizing doctor’s appointments, especially when it comes to more commonplace services such as doctor’s notes for cold and flu illnesses. When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is get in your car and drive to your doctor, sit in a crowded waiting room, and spend the better part of your day there just to get a note for your employer or school. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are more concerned than ever about halting the spread of contagion.

That’s why telemedicine has increased in popularity all across all of North America. Today, people in British Columbia can access telemedicine platforms like Walk In in order to virtually meet with a Canadian licensed healthcare provider. Walk In features a wide range of services including access to doctor’s notes or sick notes. If your condition warrants it, you can get a doctor’s note online from the virtual doctors on Walk In. Best of all, you can stay at home when you’re under the weather.

Can I Get a Doctors Note Online?

In many cases, it’s certainly possible to get a doctor’s note from the virtual doctors on Walk In. Our service is designed specifically to offer virtual telehealth solutions, including doctor’s notes. If you are sick or need a referral you to a physiotherapist or another allied-health provider, you may need a doctor’s note. However, it can be very inconvenient to visit a doctor, especially if you’re sick with a common illness such as a cold or the flu. These viral conditions typically have to run their course; because of that, the only reason patients would have to leave their home and head to their healthcare clinic is to obtain that note. Now, there’s an easier way. Patients can schedule online doctor appointments on Walk In and meet with a healthcare provider virtually. It’s the easiest way to get a doctor’s note in BC today.

What Is a Doctor’s Note?

In short, a doctor’s note is a piece of paper that is signed by a medical professional. A doctor’s notes can confirm your diagnosis, treatment, expected course, or even return to work status. It can provide the medical allowance that people need to be excused from work or school. Doctor’s notes can also be used to claim extended health insurance benefits. While some patients require a doctor’s note for their employer or school to ensure that their absences are excused and medically viable, other people need them for referrals to allied-health providers. For instance, some people may need a doctor’s note to see a chiropractor or massage therapist.

Can a Doctor Refuse to Give a Sick Note?

Yes, it’s entirely up to a doctor’s discretion whether or not they authorize sick notes for patients. Typically, doctor’s notes excuse patients for a day or two. If you require more than a week of sick time to be documented by a note, it is usually best to see your family doctor or an in-person provider. More serious or advanced illnesses may not always be treatable via a virtual platform. Doctors will not issue sick notes if they feel that the indication or absence is unwarranted.

What Should a Doctor’s Note Include?

Doctor’s notes typically offer general information without getting specific about the nature of a person’s illness. This is to protect your privacy. Notes typically state when the patient was seen by the physician. They also include the doctor’s recommendation that the patient remain home for a period of time–usually a few days to a week–until their symptoms clear up. They will also request that the employer or teacher excuse the patient’s absence on medical grounds. It’s up to the patient themselves if they want to disclose their medical condition. Each patient’s situation is different, which means your doctor usually customizes notes to suit each patient and their particular circumstances.

How Much Is a Doctor’s Note?

As of February 2023, doctor’s notes cost $30 on Walk In. This is significantly less than the Doctors of BC recommended rate of $50. Under MSP, doctor’s notes are not an insured service. On the other hand, your visit to see a medical provider via telehealth is covered by MSP. Walk In is transparent about charges and what is or isn’t covered by MSP. Our platform collects payment for doctor’s notes at the time of booking online.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Note for Physiotherapy?

In general, you do not need a doctor’s note for Physiotherapy in British Columbia. That being said, a doctor’s note can help get Physiotherapy services covered by your extended health plan. It can also help the Physiotherapist understand the condition you have been diagnosed with.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Note to See a Chiropractor?

In general, you do not need a doctor’s note for Chiropractor in British Columbia. That being said, a doctor’s note can help get Chiropractor services covered by your extended health plan. It can also help the Chiropractor understand the condition you have been diagnosed with.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Note for Massage Therapy?

In general, you do not need a doctor’s note for Massage Therapy in British Columbia. That being said, a doctor’s note can help get Massage Therapy services covered by your extended health plan. It can also help the Massage Therapist understand the condition you have been diagnosed with.

How Does Walk-In Work?

We’ve designed Walk-In’s virtual care platform to be as convenient as possible for British Columbians. To use Walk In, you’ll first need to register with us. If you are insured by MSP, you can expect your Walk In appointments to be covered. If you are not covered by MSP, you can still register and receive treatment, however, you will be charged with each visit.

While we do our best to accommodate patients scheduling needs, we book appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you can’t obtain an appointment as quickly as you hoped, we encourage you to check our website again for new openings.

What Happens During a Walk In Appointment?

Patients can access our platform via a digital device such as their computer, tablet, or smartphone. A Walk In doctor will connect with you at the appointed time. During the appointment, you can discuss your condition and symptoms just as you would during an in-person visit. In many cases, doctors can provide doctor’s notes to a patient’s employer or school administration.

Sometimes a virtual platform isn’t adequate and the doctor may advise a patient to visit a physical location or, if symptoms warrant it, to visit an urgent care centre. Telemedicine is convenient and appropriate for treating patients who have commonplace illnesses, but it does have its limitations. If the condition is persistent or if a doctor advises, it’s best to visit a healthcare clinic in person for treatment.

What If I Need a Blood Test or X-Ray Requisition?

The doctors on Walk In can provide requisitions for patients who may need to have blood drawn or need imaging such as x-rays. This, of course, is up to their professional discretion and judgment. Many times however, it is usually best to be examined physically before obtaining any such investigations.

Will My Employer Accept Doctor’s Notes from Walk In?

Yes. Walk In provides access to Canadian licensed doctors who meet with patients virtually. Our Walk In services are covered by MSP and we believe in providing high-quality healthcare. Today, employers and schools are used to seeing sick notes from telehealth platforms. They usually require documented proof of an employee or student’s illness in order to approve sick time and excuse their absences on the grounds of illness. In short, you shouldn’t have any problem with an online doctor’s note acceptance at your place of work or school.

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