Speak with a Registered Nurse from Fraser Health*

The Fraser Health Virtual Care (FHVC) service is a registered nurse-led call centre that operates from 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year.

When you call FHVC, a nurse can discuss your symptoms, complete a clinical assessment, and offer advice. They are also able to access your Fraser Health medical records to review your history and document your nursing assessment.

This team of nurses also offer general health advice, information, and make referrals to appropriate Fraser Health programs and services.

*please note: Fraser Health Virtual Care is not managed by walk in.

FHVC is a health authority run service which employs registered nurses from Fraser Health. Fraser Health, and its registered nurses, are independent of and not employed by Walk In. We’ve shared this resource for informational purposes only. Access to and use of third party services or resources on our website are set forth in more detail in our Terms of Service.

Fraser Health Virtual Care can help with

Accessing your Fraser Health medical record to review your medical history and entering your nursing assessment.

Providing a clinical assessment via video conferencing which means that they will examine your symptoms (if applicable) and offer advice.

Giving you health advice, information, and resources.

Making referrals to appropriate Fraser Health programs and services.