TactuPump – Acne Treatment, Side Effects, and More

Acne affects around 5.6 million people in Canada, according to the Canadian Dermatology Association. The vast majority of people who suffer from acne are aged between 12 and 24 years, though it also affects a smaller number of adults and older adults.

This common skin condition occurs when hair follicles under the skin become clogged by sebum and dead skin cells. There are a number of different types of acne, including whiteheads and blackheads, as well as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. There are also a number of different treatment options, including TactuPump, which will be the focus of this blog post.

Here, we will highlight everything you need to know about TactuPump. This includes what it is, how it works, how long it takes to work, how to apply it, how much it costs in Canada, and much more.

What Is TactuPump?

TactuPump is a combination product that contains two medications: adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. These medications are part of a group of medications which are used to treat acne. TactuPump works to treat acne on the face, back, and chest.

TactuPump contains adapalene 0.1% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and is used to treat both mild and moderate acne in patients 9 years of age and older. TactuPump Forte contains adapalene 0.3% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and is used to treat moderate and severe acne in patients 12 years of age and older.

It is important that you are prescribed the correct type of TactuPump based on the severity of your acne and clinical condition.

Is TactuPump Good for Acne?

Yes, TactuPump is an effective treatment option when it comes to acne thanks to its combination of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Adapalene is a retinoid while benzoyl peroxide is an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent.

How Does TactuPump Work?

In the case of adapalene, it works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing both inflammation and swelling. In the case of benzoyl peroxide, it serves to reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria and causes the skin to dry and peel off.

TactuPump helps to decrease the severity and number of acne pimples. It also helps to promote quick healing of any acne pimples that do appear.

How Long Does TactuPump Take to Work?

Users of TactuPump should begin to notice that it starts to work within 4 to 8 weeks. Additional improvement should be noticed as they continue to use the gel. That being said, individual responses to acne treatments can vary, and some users may experience faster or slower results.

How to Apply TactuPump?

There are a number of steps that you should follow when applying TactuPump. We recommend that you consult with your doctor for specific instructions based on your condition and depending on your specific medical history. Usually TactuPump is used at night time as you should avoid the sun while it is on.

Firstly, it is important that you wash your hands before applying TactuPump. Next, clean the affected skin (whether it is on your face, back, or chest) using a mild or soapless cleanser. Pat the affected area to dry once you have finished this step.

Then, apply a thin layer of TactuPump gel to the affected areas of the skin. This step should be performed once daily (or as directed by your doctor). Usually a pea-sized amount of TactuPump is applied to the affected areas of the skin using your fingertips.

Remember to only ever use TactuPump on the skin. This means you should never apply it on mucous membranes, inside the mouth or nose, or to the inner lip. Also, do not apply it to skin that is sunburned, scraped, cut, or affected by eczema.

Please note that your acne may appear worse than before during the initial weeks of using TactuPump. This is because the medication is working inside the skin on the pimples that form. As noted above, it takes between 4 to 8 weeks to start noticing positive results when taking TactuPump.

In order to get the most out of taking TactuPump, take it at the same time each day. Avoid using an amount larger than recommended or using it more frequently than recommended. There is a risk that your skin will experience pain, peeling, and redness if taken more frequently than recommended, while your skin will not improve any faster.

Precautions for Using TactuPump

Above, we outlined a number of precautions for using TactuPump. Let’s look at some of these (and others) in closer detail. Before taking TactuPump, or any other medication for that matter, be sure to inform your doctor of any allergies or medication conditions you have, as well as any other medications you are taking.

In the case that the gel accidentally gets applied to an incorrect area (such as the eyes or lips), rinse the area with water. Unless recommended by your doctor, avoid using other acne treatments or medications while using TactuPump.

Further to this point, you should also avoid using products that could irritate your skin. These include products with high concentrations of scents, alcohol, limes, or astringents. In general, you should stick to non-comedogenic and pH neutral products.

Tactupump can rub off onto clothing, towels, and bedsheets – resulting in bleaching of the material. For this reason, it is best to stick with white towels and bedding while using Tactupump.

While taking TactuPump, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight (this includes both tanning beds and sunlamps). We recommend that you apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and wear protective clothing in instances where you are unable to avoid sun exposure. Also, note that extreme cold and wind may irritate your skin while taking TactuPump. It’s critical to understand that using sunscreen is essential when using acne treatments like TactuPump to prevent skin damage and worsened hyperpigmentation.

TactuPump (and TactuPump Forte) should not be taken during pregnancy. Take effective birth control while taking this medication if you can become pregnant. Stop using this medication and consult with your doctor if you do become pregnant while using it.

In the case that you are a breastfeeding mother and taking TactuPump, it is important to consult with your doctor.

As noted above, there are age limitations for who can take TactuPump as a treatment for acne. Again, TactuPump should only be taken by children 9 years of age or older, while TactuPump Forte should only be taken by children 12 years of age and older. Also, note that the effectiveness and safety of using TactuPump are not established for people aged 65 years and older.

How Much Does TactuPump Cost in Canada?

The cost of TactuPump in Canada is usually under $100. The specific cost will be determined by a number of factors, including the required length of treatment and the severity of the acne condition. TactuPump price and TactuPump Forte price may be reduced based on your extended health insurance provider’s coverage.

There are generic forms of TactuPump and TactuPump Forte available, with the same active ingredients. The cost of these is usually around $75.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of TactuPump?

As we have noted above, there may occur a few side effects during the first weeks of using TactuPump. These side effects may include:

  • Peeling
  • Drying
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Mild burning
  • Worsening of acne

Generally, these side effects decrease with continued use of TactuPump. In case these effects persist or worsen, consult with your doctor promptly. Possible resolutions to persistent side effects include stopping using the product, using it less frequently, or using a moisturizer in tandem.

When taking TactuPump, more serious side effects are very rare. However, in the event that you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, seek medical attention without delay. These symptoms may include:

  • Severe dizziness
  • Rash
  • Trouble breathing
  • Swelling/itching of the throat, face, and/or tongue

This is not a complete list of potential side effects. If you experience any other issue while taking TactuPump, consult with your doctor.

Note that certain products may interact with TactuPump. This can change how TactuPump works or increase your risk for more severe side effects. Again, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor if you are taking any other medications or products, or if you have any doubts about safely taking TactuPump.

Common FAQs About TactuPump

Let’s run through a number of frequently asked questions about TactuPump here.

Is TactuPump a Retinoid?

Yes, TactuPump is a considered a retinoid medication. Adapalene, one of the two main ingredients of this medication, is a retinoid. Effectively, retinoids are a class of compounds that are derived from vitamin A.

They are commonly used to help treat skin conditions and play a role in immunity. There are many possible benefits of retinoids. These include unclogging pores, reducing inflammation, regulating the growth of cells on the skin’s surface, and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

In addition to acne, retinoids help to treat other skin conditions such as psoriasis and pigmentary disorders.

Can I Use Moisturizer With TactuPump?

You can use moisturizer when taking TactuPump, however, you should avoid applying them at the same time. Moisturizers can help to rehydrate the skin and irritation. Ensure that your chosen moisturizer is non-comedogenic.

We recommend that you avoid using any products on your skin that could dry your skin. If you are planning to use a moisturizer while also taking TactuPump, you should first consult with your doctor.

Does TactuPump Help With Acne Scars?

Yes, TactuPump can help to reduce the appearance of prior acne scars. It can also prevent the formation of new acne scars. Benzoyl peroxide, one of the two main ingredients, helps to treat inflammatory acne lesions and related scarring, especially when paired with retinoids such as adapalene. The retinoid component of TactuPump helps with skin turnover and renewing.

Acne scars are sometimes the result of an acne outbreak, especially in the case of inflammatory acne. Note that acne scars can become darker with sun exposure. Therefore, it is important to wear sunscreen every day to limit the hyper-pigmented appearance of acne scars.

Does TactuPump Help With Hyperpigmentation?

Yes, TactuPump can help with hyperpigmentation. This common, usually harmless refers to the darkening of skin. TactuPump helps renew skin and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation from acne spots. There are a number of potential causes, including sun exposure, age, hormonal influences, inflammation, and skin injuries.

What to Do if You Miss an Application of TactuPump?

As noted above, TactuPump should be applied once per day (it is best to take it at approximately the same time every day). If you miss an application on any given day, it is okay to start again. Just be aware that your skin may be more sensitive to the medication if you’ve missed a few doses. In that case, use less than you usually would and start using it gradually.

How Do I Store TactuPump?

With TactuPump, you should store the product at room temperature in a tightly closed container. Remember to always keep medications away from children and pets.

When TactuPump expires or is no longer needed, properly discard the product. In order to safely discard of TactuPump, consult with your pharmacist or local waste disposal company for more details.

Everything You Need to Know About TactuPump Acne Treatment

The bottom line is that TactuPump and TactuPump Forte are excellent treatment options for people who are seeking help with acne. This acne medication can to reduce acne, help with acne scars, and minimize hyperpigmentation.

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